Workshop with Gloria Gasperi & Marian Tarín – CANCELED –

Gloria Gasperi & Marian Tarín 24-25-26 April 2020 - CANCELED!

Gloria discovers Pilates in 1999 during a trip in Boston.

Pilates represents for Gloria the perfect connection between two big passions: movement and education, that brought her to practice many sports at competitive level and to earn a degree in movement sciences with educational orientation.

The research for the best educational path in the Method, brought her in Holland first and then in the United States, in Boston, where she accomplished the Comprehensive Certification with Clare Dunphy ( student of Romana Kryzanowska) in Pilates Progressive Bodyworks. Also after the certification, Gloria kept studying with Clare and with Pamela Garcia, from Pure Pilates in Boston.

In 2012 she starts her path at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles, owned by Sandy Shimoda and directed by Jay Grimes, who has been student of Joe and Clara Pilates.

At Vintage she accomplished the Master The Work in 2013 and she had the honor and privilege, in 2015, to be selected by Jay himself , with other 11 colleagues from all over the world, for “Teaching the Work”. It’s a Master Program, one year and a half long, during what Gloria, under the direct guide of Jay, had the possibility to refine her teaching.

At Vintage, Gloria also had the pleasure to be inspired and guided in her path by Sandy Shimoda, who’s vision, spirit, courage and unicity always helped her to find her own voice.

The respect for the original work, the importance to use the movement as tool to heal and educate people, the development of your own instinct, of intuition, find your own voice, unique and personal, to spread the Method, are the teachings of Jay that mostly captured Gloria’s attention and that she develops every day.

In 2013 Gloria founded the educational school for teachers, Pilates e-motion, that, by a complete and personalized program, spreads the magic of the Method, the knowledge of the System and allows the students to become aware and master  their own work and passion.

Convinced that sharing and dialogue are the best tools to grow and to keep the original work alive, Gloria keeps studying, learning and sharing with teachers like Jay Grimes, Sandy Shimoda, Karen Frischmann, Alisa Wyatt, Chris Robinson. She is often invited to teach in Italy and around the world in studios, conventions and to teach in other educational programs.

Gloria also has the honor to be part of the group of teachers of Pilatesology, the world’s best recognized website for classical Pilates videos.

Passion, integrity, commitment, pleasure to share and make people feel good are the traits of her teaching and the motivations that allow her to feel and spread the magic of Pilates! 



master’s degree in Journalism from the International University of Catalonia, has traveled to Brazil and the USA to train and learn with some of the best Classical Pilates teachers. Among her multiple certifications, her training with world-renowned master Jay Grimes, in Vintage Pilates, Los Angeles, California, is worth noting. Marian has not only completed the master’s for teachers The Workbut Jay chooses her to

participate in a second apprenticeship, Teaching The Work, a highly selective program where she continued to improve her skills and developed her own style as a teacher. Marian is honored to be one of the 17 instructors in the world who has completed this exclusive training. In addition, Marian’s outstanding curriculum includes the Master Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training The Red Thread ® in New York, directed by world-renowned Kathryn Ross-Nash.

Marian is co-owner of PILATISTICÒ Old School Pilates and co-director of the PILATISTIC Teachers’ Proficiency Pilates Program.

Among her various collaborations, Marian has co-written the Accomplished Man of Excellence article, published in Peter Fiasca’s book VOICES II: The Men’s Work, an inspiring collection of essays written by renowned Classical Pilates teachers from around the world.

In addition, Marian has been interviewed by PILATES STYLE, the Pilates magazine with the greatest worldwide impact.

3 Days Workshop

FRIDAY- 24th April SATURDAY- 25th April SUNDAY- 26th April
9:00 to 11:00

It’s true, every pilates exercise has specific goals, but we often consider and analyze the exercises starting from the differences among them and forgetting that Joe created a system, meant to work as a whole!

Join Gloria in this workshop, to consider the system from a different point of view, to explore and discover connections between exercises you maybe never thought of before, learning to see them as members of the same amazing family!

Identifying when a body is ready to rotate is essential to ensure a safe and effective rotation of the spine. Improve your “twists” of the Matwork and Reformer through the length, alignment and elevation of the center. After this exploration on rotating muscle function, your understanding of rotational movement will turn 180 degrees!

Working with imbalances, as pilates teachers we all face this aspect of our work. Gloria will share with you her vision, experience, perspective on how to use the immense possibilities that the system offer us to address different kind of imbalances! Trusting, using and  respecting the work and the bodies!

11:15 to 13:15

Small Barrel, Spine Corrector and Large Barrel! Why are they so good for the spine? Why do we have a wide variety of sizes? The body in front of you will determine which exercise and which Barrel to choose depending on which part of the trunk needs to be opened. And the barrels are not only good for the body, but also very fun!

By our hands, we can communicate directly to the body, stimulate the nervous System and let “the body teach the mind”, like Joe used to say.

In this workshop, Gloria will show you the best touch techniques for different exercises and will guide you to understand how to use your hands and your body to teach “from Center to Center”!

A healthy spine must have the ability to move freely in all directions, including extension! However, teachers often find it difficult to introduce the arched back in training and, frequently, students feel limitations or even insecurity when having to extend their bodies backwards. Join this exploration on the arched shape and learn how to progress your clients efficiently towards a healthy extension of the spine.

14:00 to 16:00

In the original idea of its own creator, pilates is much more than an exercise program, it’s an experience, it’s mind, body, spirit experience. It shapes your body, connects your mind and elevates your spirit. The key to earn that is to work with the flow! Join Gloria in this workshop to experience the flow! It will give you focus, motivation, connection, concentration, deepness and wholeness. You will feel and understand why the flow is so important in your own workout and in the way you teach!

There is a reason why the Reformer’s repertoire begins with Footwork. The greatness of this exercise provides a lot of information about the body in front of us. And that’s why there are Footworks throughout the studio! Develop your analytical abilities by observing different skeletons through your feet and discover the variety of devices in which footwork can be performed.

In pilates every exercise is a full body exercise. The specific biomechanics of the specific exercise allows you to work a specific part of the body but we always have to consider the body as a unit. To be stable, the body has to be elastic and to move as a unit. Join Gloria in this workshop to explore a different perspective about the idea to “stabilize” your body, remembering the first principle of pilates, the MOVEMENT!

16:15 to 18:15

The Girdle of Strength is the term Joe used to describe the group of muscles in charge of connecting the limbs of the body to the center. This muscular integration must be activated in all movements to guarantee the effectiveness and benefit of the method. In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of a solid foundation and interpret the essential concepts to develop a strong center, such as depth, length and alignment. These valuable principles are the key to a body moving freely in all directions.

Every sport has specific motor skills and pilates can help to strengthen and improve all of them, most of all because pilates is meant to found again, in your body and your mind, the natural basics motor skills, that represent the foundation for every other specific movement. Respecting the original work, you will be able to improve your awareness, your mastery, your strength and elasticity!

Get ready to sweat, have fun and make your next step in your sport!

The Wunda chair is one of the devices with the smallest training surface. That is why this equipment is so challenging and fun! However, to guarantee the effectiveness of the movement in this chair, the methodological process must be very specific, developing a previous stability and solidity. And, thanks to its backrest and handles, the Electric Chair or High Chair is the ideal device for this task. These two sister chairs complement each other perfectly to create justly balanced sessions in strength and balance. Discover how to prepare and consolidate exercises in the Electric chair and then, raise the movements to another exponent in the Wunda chair!

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