Your studio is where your heart is

No one creates like you

A sanctuary from the noise of the world that give's stability, strength and peace of mind. A space for the method, healing and creativity. We believe sharing creativity and knowledge will make our world an even better and more joyous place to live in. We want you to become more you

From order to shipping

We help you all the way from start to finish through email, phone and Skype. We have long experience of creating studios. We help you bring the spirit in to the work.


We love to share the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates. In our workshops you will get more tools to deepen your knowledge with our national and international teachers.

  • Gloria Gasperi & Marian TarĂ­n 24-26 April 2020

  • Kathi Ross-Nash 14-15 August 2020

Exclusive Service

This service is for people whose status prevents them from attending public gyms or other fitness locations due to their position in society, whether it is political, financial or celebrity status. To keep the body in good health and work it in a productive and healthful manner is important to most. A solid foundation upon which strength and dynamic stability are developed is a requirement for overall health of the body, mind and spirit of any individual. This foundation not only supports you in making important business decisions or in athletic preformance, but it underpins a healthy personal and family life.

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