Workshop Moses Urbano 10/8 and 11/8 2019


Saturday 10/8, All welcome!
Moving into the Equipment (by Prag Movement / Method Overview)
“in this movement workshop” Open to All, we will evaluate the various body types on all apparatus based on gender and dimensions, 6HOURS.

The Pilates Scandinavia goal is to use the many options of the equipment based on the need of your students to highlight the quality and versatility of the Pilates equipment as we apply Pilates exercises. We will approach the body and movement using the method and equipment to create a healthy understanding and progression of the body, mind and spirit.

Sunday 11/8, All welcome!
The Best teachers are good students
This movement workshop is designed for attendees to alternate taking the role of being a Pilates Student and Pilates Instructor. We will look at some core principles that help guide us in more effective ways to bring our clients into Pilates to find a better balance of strength and flexibility.



Saturday 10/8 “Moving into the Equipment”

Sunday 11/8 “The Best teachers are good students”


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