Reformer, Springs, wall unit

Tower / Reformer 86" Wood or Aluminum

 6,395.00 (ex. VAT)


Comes fully-equipped with:

Tower + Insert mat. Removable Shoulder blocks.

2 x Leather Straps, 1 x Padded Foot Bar, 2 x Foot Straps, 1 x Long/Short Box, 1 x Wooden Pole 90 cm, 2 x  Extension Straps, and Gear Blocks/Stoppers. 4 x Springs, 3 Gears, Push Through Bar, Arm/Leg Springs with Foot Loops and Handles.

Material: Ash Wood Frame or Aluminum 86″ or 218 cm long

By Request we also make 89″ and 80″ frames in both

Please contact us for the exact shipping cost.


  • Length
  • Width
  • Tower Height
  • Materials
    Ash Wood or Aluminum

Swedish craftsmanship

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