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The Toe Corrector, invented by Joseph Pilates, actively restores the natural alignment of the big toe. Exercises done with the Toe Corrector through activating the hip extensors such as Gluteus Maximus strengthens the alignment from the hip joint to the muscles in the foot. 

No. 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi-gf7qJpFY

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The exercises relieves the pressure on the joint. These exercises combined with other core exercises will bring a ”lift” to the posture this will result to lesser pressure on the feet. Always consult your physician before use. According to research one cause of the bunion can be weak hip extensors and the hip angles. Hip angle and hip strength: Women in general have broader pelvises than do men. Although this may at first not seem related to the feet, consider what a broad pelvis does to one’s alignment. The angle at which the knees align under a wide pelvis changes the stress placed on the toes. A “knock-kneed” appearance, or bowing of the knees inward, is often seen under these circumstances. The feet then follow suit. More of the body’s weight is then forced disproportionately through the big toe during stance and during walking. Women can actually soften the forces placed on the knees and feet by strengthening the muscles that support the hips. The gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius are two such muscles that are chronically weak in individuals with bunions. The exercises done with the Toe Corrector strengthens the alignment of the big toe and the foot to the hip. If the Bunion is caused due to weak hip extensors this will help to find the alignment.

 You can also work all the other muscles around the area. I recommend this to my clients as well. 
and also check this out, it can give you an idea of the alternative ways of getting around your problem. I believe if you get all the muscles around the area to work better you will also release some of the pressure on the joint. 
I hope this have been to some help for you. 
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