Made in Sweden: Pilates Scandinavia by Prag Movement

August 10, 2016

Pilates wooden reformer.

Who? Elisabet and Fredrik Prag, with over 45 years of combined pilates experience between them both. They also have pilates studios in Stockholm and Skåne.

Philosophy + Mission? To create pilates equipment that gives the highest quality experience for the body.

Wunda chair made from birch plywood

Why is PS unique? The research put into each material and detail was extensive to ensure the combination of the pieces flow perfectly. Just like pilates is about connecting the body, each piece of the equipment plays a part in the larger role of the apparatus. Elisabet likens it to playing an instrument: “There’s a sensitivity to feel the difference in different equipment, so as a manufacturer you need to be able to feel all those vibrations and tones so the notes and overall music resonate into your body creating the right tune. When everything is connected the body reacts deeper, and our aim is for our clients to create the most effective workout using our equipment without having to be experts.” Another unique feature are the bespoke options they offer: choose the colour of the leather straps and padding; or use a Svenskt Tenn fabric (or any other you desire) to match the apparatus to your personal space. The options are endless…

Fully adjustable pilates ladder barrel

Materials and Production? Everything is produced in Sweden except for the wheels, which are made in the US from the only company in the world that produce wheels up to their standards. The springs are made at a local Swedish steel plant. The leather is sourced from a local Swedish supplier. The wood is local Swedish ash. The apparatus themselves are constructed by a local Swedish manufacturer. They even have a few secret ingredients including the rail made from a special material not used by any other pilates equipment manufacturers. Why? They noticed most reformers slid too easily – and in the traditional method friction is very important for a more impactful workout – so they discovered a material that creates more friction on the rail…a.k.a. Pilates Scientists.


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