Exclusive Service


This service is for people whose status prevents them from attending public gyms or other fitness locations due to their position in society, whether it is political, financial or celebrity status.

To keep the body in good health and work it in a productive and healthful manner is important to most.

A solid foundation upon which strength and dynamic stability are developed is a requirement for overall health of the body, mind and spirit of any individual. This foundation not only supports you in making important business decisions or in athletic preformance, but it underpins a healthy personal and family life.

Exclusive Services are designed for those who long to work with not just a personal trainer, but someone who is a teacher and guide in your ability to heal your relationship to your body.

My work with you is to help you discover a deeper truth that reveals itself when we move our bodies into alignment. Together we take a journey in which the physical body  is given space and time, within a safe and private container which allows it to unfold without the pressure that using external fitness ideals and images as a drive to reach the goal of health. This work is about taking your journey to body alignment as you are held and guided by a professional and not about trying to get you to fit into some ideal that may cause much more stress than benefit. Whether you are looking for solid and challenging workouts or personal exploration along side physical exercise, or even a journey to heal your body to or increase your level of physical fitness, a program can be developed for you that is based on you.

If you are looking to engage with a teacher who has a deep understanding of the connection with the physical, mental and spiritual. Inviting Fredrik to work with you can be both very rewarding and totally life changing, giving you a totally new experience of yourself, your view of body and a new understanding of how things work within the frame of the body, mind and spirit. This invitation will forever change your attitude towards physical exercise.


“When I first started working with Fredrik, Pilates was new for me, I didn’t know much about it.

After taking to him and him explaining me, what Pilates can do to you, I became more and more interested of trying. Shortly after that, Fredrik offered his services to me and it has changed my view on my body, which I’m very grateful for. Fredrik is a teacher who is extremely precise and very focused, so there is never a wasted moment with his present. He has a very special gift, knowing exactly how far he can push someone and when to stop, I always left our sessions with a good body feeling and a free mind, I felt more energized after, than before.

I wouldn’t call him “only” a Pilates Teacher, he is way more than that, you will see!!!”

— Martin Kaymer –

German Pro-Golfer. A winner of Players Championship and U.S Open. Ranked No. 1 in the world 2011.



I have experienced an outstanding improvement of my physical health due to my training with Fredrik Prag and Pilates.I started after 55 years of age with Fredrik and has considerably improved my strength , mobility and balance. Doing so I now ski better , I golf better and I play tennis better than ever. Not bad in my age. Without pain also :-)”

— Per-Olof Soderberg – Founder Sobro.


“To train with Fredrik is one of my biggest blessings. To physically get fit and experience new levels of quality work where the mind rests and the body moves in the right way, comes easy with Fredrik. His unique feeling for optimal body movement and awareness make it the best way to train.

Fredrik’s training has made me feel grounded, stronger and both more explosive and aerobic throughout the years. Pilates with Fredrik gives me a chance to connect and reallocate strength and awareness where it’s needed. It’s as hard as physical training gets but leaves me feeling energized. 

In times with injury or aches, Fredrik has helped me move through it all and miraculously made me feel stronger even in times of intense pain.
I would not be swimming still today if it wasn’t for this beautiful complement to my training in the pool I’ve got thanks to Fredrik.

I’m much stronger, happier, more aware and a Pilates lover thanks to Fredrik 

– Therese Alshammar- Olympic Swimmer  – 3 Olympic medals, 25 World Championship medals, and 43 European Championship medals.


“In our stressful lives, Fredrik provides a sacred space to exercise, relax and recharge. I stumbled upon Pilates Scandinavia when I first moved to Stockholm and was looking for a pilates studio to continue my routine I had maintained in London. What I didn’t realise is that Fredrik’s approach to pilates and well-being was another level. He does not only work with you to reach your fitness goals, but also connects your mind, body and soul during your workouts to achieve something far greater than the perfect abs. In a world today where stress knocks at every door, Fredrik allows you to enter a space where you can shift yourself back onto your path – each time walking out feeling reinvigorated and free of anxiety and stress.

This may seem a bit too much for some, but for myself and others I know who have experienced his work, we all share a common appreciation, gratitude and love for what he has brought into our lives. In all my years of having personal trainers and belonging to gyms I have never found someone or something like this. My only concern is what I will do if I ever leave Stockholm…”

 — Erin Bonnier