Pilates Studio


We recommend that you vary your training to maximize the benefits of the method, mix both Apparatus and Mat Workout classes. Private training can always be added to your fitness routine as an extra injection to increase the quality of your training repertoire. We recommend that you take a private class every 6-8 weeks if you attend apparatus classes regularly.


10 Marks

1 900 SEK
380 SEK/2 marks
(5 sessions Apparatus)

60 Marks

9 900 SEK
330 SEK/2 marks
(30 sessions Apparatus)

20 Marks

3 500 SEK
350 SEK/2 marks
(10 sessions Apparatus)

40 Marks

6 900 SEK
345 SEK/2 marks
(20 sessions Apparatus)


Group training

2 mark
2 marks
3 marks
4 marks
5 marks

Terms & Conditions

All our flex cards are personal. 10 and 20 mark cards are valid for 6 months, 40- and 60- cards valid for 12 months . We have a 24 hour cancelation policy, so make sure to cancel your class 24 hours before the class starts otherwise you will be charged full price for that class.

Student Discount

                          The studio offers 20% discount for youth to 19 years, and students.

Please contact us at equipment@pilatesscandinavia.com for the exact shipping cost depending on where you live. Dismiss